Our Story

Hi, my name is Blake Ryan. I’m a volunteer of the Corona Norco Rescue Mission and we have the unique opportunity to help restore the lives of the homeless in our own community.

When we think about the homeless, certain images and assumptions come to mind about who they are, how they got there, and what they look like. But when we are able to look beyond these labels, we see that each one has a name and a unique story. Our goal is to make visible what society has made invisible by placing a name with the face, by giving their story a platform, and by participating in their restoration.

About a year ago I had the opportunity to tour a friend’s coffee roasting facility. I loved the passion that he had when talking about coffee beans. It’s incredible when you think about it—the journey of the coffee bean from the farms located around the world to the table in your local coffee shop. But one detail from that journey stood out to me above the rest—the expertise and meticulous care that goes into picking the coffee cherries that contain the coffee beans. Each cherry is hand‐picked based on its ripeness, but that’s just the beginning. It’s not until the bean has been extracted and gone through the refining fire that we get the aroma and flavor we enjoy.

The story of the coffee bean reminded me of our own story, the human story, that God has handpicked each of us at the perfect time along our journey and that we too must go through the refining fire before we can reach our full potential and become a pleasing aroma to Him. As I toured the roasting facility that day, I wondered what might happen if we took this idea, the restorative process of the coffee bean, and partnered that with the restorative process of the people at the mission.

The result was Restoration Roasters—specialty coffee with a cause. It’s more than just a great cup of coffee. It’s more than just an inviting environment to do life with other people. Restoration Roasters gives people from the rescue mission an opportunity for vocational and life skills like learning to become a barista, interacting with customers, or assisting in business operations.

When you purchase our products, 100% of the net proceeds go to support the work at the Corona Norco Rescue Mission. But the impact goes beyond finances. When you purchase our products or volunteer in the shop you also play an important part in someone’s path towards restoration. You become an influencer on their journey, and you become a partner in their story.