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Restoration Roasters is dedicated to both our customer, and our coffee quality. 

Hi, my name is Blake Ryan. I’m a volunteer of the Corona Norco Rescue Mission and we have the unique opportunity to help restore the lives of the homeless in our own community.

When we think about the homeless, certain images and assumptions come to mind about who they are, how they got there, and what they look like. But when we are able to look beyond these labels, we see that each one has a name and a unique story. Our goal is to make visible what society has made invisible by placing a name with the face, by giving their story a platform, and by participating in their restoration.

About a year ago I had the opportunity to tour a friend’s coffee roasting facility. I loved the passion that he had when talking about coffee beans. It’s incredible when you think about it—the journey of the coffee bean from the farms located around the world to the table in your local coffee shop. But one detail from that journey stood out to me above the rest—the expertise and meticulous care that goes into picking the coffee cherries that contain the coffee beans. Each cherry is hand‐picked based on its ripeness, but that’s just the beginning. It’s not until the bean has been extracted and gone through the refining fire that we get the aroma and flavor we enjoy.



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At Restoration Roasters we love coffee and we love people. 

Both fuel our passion which creates the foundation of our craft and creativity fuels its expansion. We are dedicated to quality and our customer which motivates us to craft every coffee drink we serve.

At Restoration Roasters, a barista is not simply a job or a title. Each barista is an expertly trained, thoroughly tested, and experienced coffee professional. The baristas behind our bar have earned the position based on their view of coffee as a craft and the proof of that passion is on display when a barista hand-brews a cup of coffee and properly cares for every nuance of espresso.

The continual search for knowledge and insight marks our crafting of the perfect cup of coffee.  We’re committed to experimenting with our brew variables and methods in order to bring our customer the best specialty coffee has to offer.

Every drink we serve is given focused care, approached with passion and dedication, and hand-made. We believe that you will see this, taste this, and come to view coffee as a craft just as we do.



Serving as a volunteer for Restoration Roasters is a truly unique experience.  Our volunteers have the opportunity to be trained in the craft of specialty coffee, but more importantly they have the opportunity to play a major role in the restorative process with the Corona Norco Rescue Mission participants during their vocational training.